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Apache T. Stahlman's Shotz ~ My family album

Apache's Writings and stuff about Animal Communication that my mom types for me but I write up for myself to put online here.

My family's blog lol called for right now tkc: at the mos eisley cantina although we may be renaming it something from the Avenger's universe rather soon if I have my way!

My brother, Harley the Kid

Tree Day 2013! :)

My father isn't here yet, but he'll be a man like Mart or my big brother, Reggie. One day, he'll smile at me and we'll add his smile to this film, too. I'll have a human father. And Yoko Ono said yes! to humans and non-human animals being in her smile film. It won me and my Mom a tshirt from her once, since we got people excited to add non-humans to her film. Not even kidding, it happened lol. So now, read all about it at the #smilesfilm website. xo! Love you, Apache T. xo!


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